In 1697 the poet William Congreve wrote, "Musick has Charms to soothe a savage Breast." Today one often finds the term "Beast" in place of "Breast," yet the message remains more or less the same. In this spirit of substitution then, if we were to replace "Musick" with "Art," we could say that art too can soothe both breast and beast. 

​     Congreve, however, gave us only half the story. Art also can arouse hate. Note the Nazi art corpus, to cite one of many examples. 

      Germany rebuilt after the war and emerged a leader of nations, but its sobering history stops us from romanticizing art as an inevitably civilizing force. This, however, is precisely what provides purpose to my art. It is about new beginnings and the hope that attends them. 

​     I have worked extensively with ceramics and wood, as well as a variety of digital and 2-dimensional media, so it is no surprise that my work is heavily mixed media. I do not wait for muses to perch on my shoulder; I get up, go into my studio, and get to work. Out come works that are interesting, provocative, and made with the belief that each is an instrument of good will. 

     One of my collectors once told me that my work makes her happy. We can imagine Congreve approving.